Surveyor’s Identification Report:

This report is a mandatory requirement of the National Housing Trust (NHT) or any other mortgaging institution. Before you make your next real estate investment, let us identify the boundaries to ensure that you are in fact securing your entitlement.

Subdivision Design & Layout:

The high cost of land taxation coupled with the demand for residential and agricultural lots has increased the desirability for subdividing lands.

Boundary /Cadastral Surveys:

A necessity for procuring your registered title, whether you are making an application through your own legal professional or via the LAMP system.

Topographic Survey:

A plan showing the contours and relief of the land will enable your architect to more suitability create a design that will enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your home or business place. The slope and deviation data that these surveys provide also aid in the engineering of roadways and in flood mitigation.

You can rely on our qualified and efficient personnel’s for a reliable land survey report. Contact us today for free consultation.

Real Estate:

Team Levy is ready to help you through the process of buying, selling, leasing or renting of commercial and residential property.

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